1aElect Colleen F. Arnold For
1bElect Timothy J. Bernlohr For
1cElect J. Powell Brown Oppose
1dElect Michael E. Campbell Oppose
1eElect Terrell K. Crews For
1fElect Russell M. Currey Oppose
1gElect John A. Luke, Jr. Oppose
1hElect Gracia C. Martore Oppose
1iElect James E. Nevels For
1jElect Timothy H. Powers Oppose
1kElect Steven C. Voorhees For
1lElect Bettina M. Whyte Oppose
1mElect Alan D. Wilson For
2Amend Articles: Removal of Pass-Through ProvisionOppose
3Advisory Vote on Executive CompensationOppose
4Appoint the AuditorsAbstain