1.1Elect William H. Gates, IIIFor
1.2Elect Reid G. HoffmanFor
1.3Elect Hugh F. JohnstonFor
1.4Elect Teri L. List-StollAbstain
1.5Elect Satya NadellaFor
1.6Elect Sandra E. PetersonFor
1.7Elect Penny S. PritzkerAbstain
1.8Elect Charles W. ScharfFor
1.9Elect Arne M. SorensonFor
1.10Elect John W. StantonFor
1.11Elect John W. ThompsonFor
1.12Elect Emma N. WalmsleyFor
1.13Elect Padmasree WarriorFor
2Advisory Vote on Executive CompensationAbstain
3Appoint the AuditorsOppose
4Shareholder Resolution: Report on Employee Representation on the Board of DirectorsFor
5Shareholder Resolution: Report on Gender Pay GapFor