1Receive Report of Management Board (Non-Voting) Non-Voting
2Receive Report of Supervisory Board (Non-Voting) Non-Voting
3Approve the Remuneration ReportOppose
4Approve Remuneration PolicyOppose
5Approve Financial StatementsAbstain
6Approve the DividendFor
7Approve Discharge of Management Board Abstain
8Approve Discharge of Supervisory Board Abstain
9Reelect Jean-Marc Chery to Management Board Abstain
10Approve Grant of Unvested Stock Awards to Jean-Marc Chery as President and CEO Oppose
11Approve Unvested Stock Award Plan for Management and Key Employees Oppose
12Elect Nicolas Dufourcq - Vice Chair (Non Executive)For
13Authorise Share RepurchaseOppose
14Grant Board Authority to Issue Shares Up To 10 Percent of Issued Capital and Exclude Pre-emptive Rights Oppose
15Allow Questions Non-Voting