1.1Elect Larry Page - Executive DirectorFor
1.2Elect Sergey Brin - Executive DirectorFor
1.3Elect Sundar Pichai - Chief ExecutiveOppose
1.4Elect John L. Hennessy - Chair (Non Executive)Oppose
1.5Elect Frances H. Arnold - Non-Executive DirectorFor
1.6Elect L. John Doerr - Non-Executive DirectorOppose
1.7Elect Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. - Non-Executive DirectorAbstain
1.8Elect Ann Mather - Non-Executive DirectorOppose
1.9Elect Alan R. Mulally - Non-Executive DirectorFor
1.10Elect K. Ram Shriram - Non-Executive DirectorOppose
1.11Elect Robin L. Washington - Non-Executive DirectorAbstain
2Appoint the AuditorsOppose
3Approve New Omnibus PlanOppose
4Shareholder Resolution: Equitable Voting RightsFor
5Shareholder Resolution: Require Independent Director Nominee with Human and/or Civil Rights Experience For
6Shareholder Resolution: Assess Feasibility of Including Sustainability as a Performance Measure for Senior Executive Compensation For
7Shareholder Resolution: Report on Takedown Requests For
8Shareholder Resolution: Report on Whistleblower Policies and Practices For
9Shareholder Resolution: Report on Charitable Contributions For
10Shareholder Resolution: Report on Risks Related to Anticompetitive Practices For
11Shareholder Resolution: Amend Certificate of Incorporation to Become a Public Benefit Corporation For