O.IApprove Consolidated Financial StatementsAbstain
O.IIApprove Financial StatementsAbstain
O.IIIApprove the DividendFor
O.IVAllocation of results and determination of the dividend and the remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors in relation to the financial year 2019For
O.VApprove Remuneration PolicyOppose
O.VIApprove the Remuneration ReportOppose
O.VIIApprove Fees Payable to the Board of DirectorsFor
O.VIIIDischarge the BoardAbstain
O.IXRe-elect Lakshmi N. MittalOppose
O.XRe-elect Bruno LafontOppose
O.XIRe-elect Michel WurthOppose
O.XIIElect Aditya MittalFor
O.XIIIElect Mr Etienne SchneiderFor
O.XIVAuthorise Share RepurchaseOppose
O.XVAppoint the AuditorsOppose
O.XVIApprove Equity Grant to Executive DirectorsFor
E.IAmend ArticlesFor