BP PLC 12/05/2021 AGM
1Receive the Annual ReportOppose
2Approve the Remuneration ReportAbstain
3aElect Murray Auchincloss - Executive DirectorFor
3bElect Tushar Morzaria - Non-Executive DirectorFor
3cElect Karen Richardson - Non-Executive DirectorFor
3dElect Johannes Teyssen - Non-Executive DirectorFor
3eElect Bernard Looney - Chief ExecutiveOppose
3fElect Pamela Daley - Non-Executive DirectorFor
3gElect Helge Lund - ChairOppose
3hElect Melody Meyer - Non-Executive DirectorAbstain
3iElect Paula Rosput Reynolds - Senior Independent DirectorFor
3jElect John Sawers - Non-Executive DirectorFor
4Appoint the AuditorsFor
5Allow the Board to Determine the Auditor's RemunerationFor
6Approve Political DonationsFor
7Authorise the Scrip DividendFor
8Issue Shares with Pre-emption RightsFor
9Issue Shares for CashFor
10Issue Shares for Cash for the Purpose of Financing an Acquisition or Other Capital InvestmentOppose
11Authorise Share RepurchaseOppose
12Authorise the Company to Call General Meeting with Two Weeks' NoticeFor
13Shareholder Resolution: Climate Change TargetsFor