TERADYNE INC. 07/05/2021 AGM
1aElect Michael A. Bradley - Non-Executive DirectorOppose
1bElect Edwin J. Gillis - Non-Executive DirectorOppose
1cElect Timothy E. Guertin - Non-Executive DirectorOppose
1dElect Peter Herweck - Non-Executive DirectorFor
1eElect Mark E. Jagiela - Chief ExecutiveFor
1fElect Mercedes Johnson - Non-Executive DirectorFor
1gElect Marilyn Matz - Non-Executive DirectorFor
1hElect Paul J. Tufano - Non-Executive DirectorOppose
2Advisory Vote on Executive CompensationAbstain
3Reduce Supermajority Vote Requirement to Approve Merger, Share Exchanges and Substantial Sales of Company AssetFor
4Provide Right to Act by Written ConsentFor
5Amend Qualified Employee Stock Purchase PlanFor
6Amend Existing Omnibus PlanOppose
7Ratify PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as AuditorsOppose