PFIZER INC. 22/04/2021 AGM
1.1Elect Ronald E. Blaylock - Non-Executive DirectorAbstain
1.2Elect Albert Bourla - Chair & Chief ExecutiveOppose
1.3Elect Susan Desmond-Hellmann - Non-Executive DirectorFor
1.4Elect Joseph J. Echevarria - Non-Executive DirectorAbstain
1.5Elect Scott Gottlieb - Non-Executive DirectorAbstain
1.6Elect Helen H. Hobbs - Non-Executive DirectorFor
1.7Elect Susan Hockfield - Non-Executive DirectorFor
1.8Elect Dan R. Littman - Non-Executive DirectorAbstain
1.9Elect Shantanu Narayen - Lead Independent DirectorFor
1.10Elect Suzanne Nora Johnson - Non-Executive DirectorOppose
1.11Elect James Quincey - Non-Executive DirectorFor
1.12Elect James C. Smith - Non-Executive DirectorFor
2Ratify KPMG LLP as AuditorOppose
3Advisory Vote on Executive CompensationOppose
4Shareholder Resolution: Introduce an Independent Chair RuleFor
5Shareholder Resolution: Report on Political Contributions and Expenditures For
6Shareholder Resolution: Report on Access to COVID-19 Products For