AGEAS NV 23/04/2020 EGM
1Open MeetingFor
2.1.1Amend Article 1 Re: DefinitionsFor
2.1.2Amend Article 2 Re: Name - FormFor
2.1.3Amend Article 3 Re: Registered OfficeFor
2.1.4Delete Article 6bis Re: Issue PremiumsFor
2.1.5Amend Article 7 Re: Form of the SharesFor
2.1.6Amend Article 9 Re: Acquisition of Own SharesFor
2.1.7Amend Articles 10 Re: Board of DirectorsFor
2.1.8Amend Article 11 Re: Board Deliberation and DecisionsFor
2.1.9Amend Article 12 Re: Executive CommitteeFor
2.1.10Amend Article 12 Re: Executive CommitteeFor
2.1.11Amend Article 14 Re: RemunerationFor
2.1.12Amend Article 15 Re: Ordinary Meeting of ShareholdersFor
2.1.13Amend Article 17 Re: ConvocationsFor
2.1.14Amend Article 18 Re: Record Day and ProxiesFor
2.1.15Amend Article 19 Re: Procedure - Minutes of the MeetingFor
2.1.16Amend Article 20 Re: VotesFor
2.1.17Amend Article 22 Re: Annual AccountsFor
2.1.18Amend Article 23 Re: DividendFor
2.2Approve Cancellation of Repurchased SharesFor
2.3.1Receive Special Board Report Re: Authorized CapitalFor
2.3.2Approve Authority to Increase Authorised Share CapitalFor
3Authorise Share RepurchaseOppose
4Close MeetingFor