GEBERIT AG 14/04/2021 AGM
1Approve Financial StatementsAbstain
2Approve the DividendFor
3Discharge the BoardAbstain
4.1.1Elect Albert M. Baehny - Chair (Non Executive)Abstain
4.1.2Elect Felix R. Ehrat - Non-Executive DirectorFor
4.1.3Elect Werner Karlen - Non-Executive DirectorFor
4.1.4Elect Bernadette Koch - Non-Executive DirectorFor
4.1.5Elect Eunice Zehnder-Lai - Non-Executive DirectorFor
4.1.6Elect Thomas Bachmann - Non-Executive DirectorFor
4.2.1Elect Remuneration Committee: Werner KarlenFor
4.2.2Elect Remuneration Committee Eunice Zehnder-LaiFor
4.2.3Elect Remuneration Committee: Thomas BachmannOppose
5Appoint Independent ProxyFor
6Appoint the AuditorsOppose
7.1Advisory Vote on the Remuneration ReportAbstain
7.2Approve Fees Payable to the Board of DirectorsFor
7.3Approve Remuneration Policy of the Executive BoardAbstain
8Authorise Cancellation of Treasury SharesFor