1Approve Financial StatementsFor
2Approve the DividendFor
3Approve Discharge of Board and Senior ManagementOppose
4.1.aReelect Bernard Daniel as DirectorOppose
4.1.bReelect Victor Delloye as DirectorOppose
4.1.cReelect Andre Desmarais as DirectorOppose
4.1.dReelect Paul Desmarais Jr as DirectorOppose
4.1.eReelect Paul Desmarais III as DirectorOppose
4.1.fReelect Cedric Frere as DirectorOppose
4.1.gReelect Gerald Frere as DirectorOppose
4.1.hReelect Segolene Gallienne as DirectorOppose
4.1.iReelect Jean-Luc Herbez as DirectorFor
4.1.jReelect Barbara Kux as DirectorFor
4.1.kReelect Xavier Le Clef as DirectorOppose
4.1.lReelect Jocelyn Lefebvre as DirectorOppose
4.1.mReelect Michel Pebereau as DirectorOppose
4.1.nReelect Amaury de Seze as DirectorOppose
4.2Reelect Paul Desmarais Jr as Board ChairOppose
4.3.1Reappoint Bernard Daniel as Member of the Compensation CommitteeOppose
4.3.2Reappoint Jean-Luc Herbez as Member of the Compensation CommitteeFor
4.3.3Reappoint Barbara Kux as Member of the Compensation CommitteeFor
4.3.4Elect Remuneration CommitteeOppose
4.3.5Elect Remuneration CommitteeOppose
4.4Appoint Independent ProxyFor
4.5Appoint the AuditorsOppose
5.1Approve Remuneration of Directors in the Amount of CHF 6 MillionFor
5.2Approve Remuneration of Executive Committee in the Amount of CHF 1.5 MillionFor
6Approve Creation of CHF 253 Million Pool of Capital without Preemptive RightsOppose
7Transact Any Other BusinessOppose