1Appoint the Auditors and Allow the Board to Determine their RemunerationOppose
2.1Elect Director Alain BouchardAbstain
2.2Elect Director Melanie KauAbstain
2.3Elect Director Jean BernierAbstain
2.4Elect Director Eric BoykoAbstain
2.5Elect Director Jacques D'AmoursAbstain
2.6Elect Director Janice L. FieldsFor
2.7Elect Director Richard FortinAbstain
2.8Elect Director Brian HannaschFor
2.9Elect Director Marie Josee LamotheAbstain
2.10Elect Director Monique F. LerouxAbstain
2.11Elect Director Real PlourdeAbstain
2.12Elect Director Daniel RabinowiczFor
2.13Elect Director Louis TetuAbstain
3Advisory Vote on Executive CompensationOppose
4Shareholder Resolution: Performance Metrics for Executive RemunerationFor
5Shareholder Resolution: Independence of DirectorsFor
6Shareholder Resolution: Adopt a Responsible Employment Policy While Ensuring Its Employees a Living WageFor