1Open MeetingNon-Voting
2aReceive Report of Management BoardNon-Voting
2bReceive Report of Supervisory BoardNon-Voting
2cDiscussion on Company's Corporate Governance StructureNon-Voting
2dDiscuss Remuneration Report Containing Remuneration Policy for Management Board MembersNon-Voting
3aApprove Financial Statements and Statutory ReportsFor
3bReceive Explanation on Company's Reserves and Dividend PolicyNon-Voting
3c Approve the DividendFor
4aDischarge the Management BoardFor
4bDischarge the Supervisory BoardFor
5Announce Intention to Reappoint Chris Figee as Member of the Management BoardNon-Voting
6aIntroduction of Sonja Barendregt and Stephanie HottenhuisNon-Voting
6bElect Sonja Barendregt to Supervisory BoardFor
6cElect Stephanie Hottenhuis to Supervisory BoardFor
7aIssue Shares for CashFor
7bAuthorise the Board to Waive Pre-emptive RightsFor
7cAuthorise Share RepurchaseOppose
8Proposal to Cancel Shares held by a.s.r.For
9Questions Before ClosingNon-Voting
10Close of MeetingNon-Voting