BANKIA SA 10/04/2018 AGM
1.1Approve Standalone Financial StatementsFor
1.2Approve Consolidated Financial StatementsFor
1.3Discharge the BoardFor
1.4Approve the DividendFor
2Set the Number of Board DirectorsFor
3Renew Appointment of the auditorOppose
4Approve General Share Issue MandateOppose
5Authorise Board to Raise Convertible LoansOppose
6Authorise Share RepurchaseOppose
7Approve Shares-in-lieu-of-Bonus Plan as Part of the 2018 Annual Variable Remuneration of Executive DirectorsFor
8Authorize Board to Ratify and Execute Approved ResolutionsFor
9Advisory Vote on Remuneration ReportAbstain
10Receive Amendments to Board of Directors RegulationsNon-Voting