1.1Elect Director Larry PageFor
1.2Elect Director Sergey BrinFor
1.3Elect Director Eric E. SchmidtFor
1.4Elect Director L. John DoerrWithhold
1.5Elect Director Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.Withhold
1.6Elect Director Diane B. GreeneWithhold
1.7Elect Director John L. HennessyWithhold
1.8Elect Director Ann MatherWithhold
1.9Elect Director Alan R. MulallyFor
1.10Elect Director Sundar PichaiWithhold
1.11Elect Director K. Ram ShriramWithhold
2Ratify Ernst & Young LLP as AuditorsOppose
3Amend Omnibus Stock PlanOppose
4Shareholder Resolution: Approve Recapitalization Plan for all Stock to Have One-vote per ShareFor
5Shareholder Resolution: Report on Lobbying Payments and PolicyFor
6Shareholder Resolution: Report on Gender Pay GapFor
7Shareholder Resolution: Simple Majority VoteFor
8Shareholder Resolution: Assess Feasibility of Including Sustainability as a Performance Measure for Senior Executive CompensationFor
9Shareholder Resolution: Adopt a Policy on Board DiversityFor
10Shareholder Resolution: Report on Major Global Content Management ControversiesFor