CNOOC LTD 31/05/2018 AGM
A.1Approve Financial StatementsFor
A.2Approve the DividendFor
A.3Elect Yuan Guangyu as DirectorFor
A.4Elect Hua Yang as DirectorFor
A.5Elect Wang Dongjin as DirectorFor
A.6Elect Aloysius Tse Hau Yin as DirectorFor
A.7Authorise Board to Fix the Remuneration of DirectorsOppose
A.8Appoint the AuditorsAbstain
B.1Authorise Share RepurchaseFor
B.2Approve Issuance of Equity or Equity-Linked Securities without Preemptive RightsOppose
B.3Extend the General Share Issue Mandate to Repurchased SharesOppose