O.1Approve Financial Statements and Statutory ReportsFor
O.2Approve Consolidated Financial Statements and Statutory ReportsFor
O.3Approve Allocation of Income and DividendsFor
O.4Approve Transaction with Amundi Re: Performance Guarantee Agreement within PIONEER OperationFor
O.5Approve Transaction with Credit Agricole CIB Re: Settlement of the Penalty for EURIBOR CaseFor
O.6Approve Transaction with Regional Banks Re: Amendment of Loans Agreement to Finance Subscription to SACAM Mutualisation Share Capital IncreaseFor
O.7Approve Transaction with Credit Agricole CIB Re: Invoicing Agreement within Transfer of MSI ActivityFor
O.8Approve Transaction with Credit Agricole CIB Re: Transfer of Management Board Banking Services ActivityFor
O.9Elect Philippe Boujut as DirectorFor
O.10Reelect Monica Mondardini as DirectorFor
O.11Reelect Renee Talamona as DirectorOppose
O.12Reelect Louis Tercinier as DirectorOppose
O.13Reelect Pascale Berger as DirectorFor
O.14Reelect SAS Rue La Boetie as DirectorOppose
O.15Renew Appointment of Ernst and Young et Autres as AuditorOppose
O.16Renew Appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit as AuditorOppose
O.17Renew Appointment of Picarle et Associes as Alternate AuditorFor
O.18Appoint Jean-Baptiste Deschryver as Alternate AuditorOppose
O.19Approve Compensation of Dominique Lefebvre, Chairman of the BoardFor
O.20Approve Compensation of Philippe Brassac, CEOOppose
O.21Approve Compensation of Xavier Musca, Vice-CEOOppose
O.22Approve Remuneration Policy of the Chairman of the BoardFor
O.23Approve Remuneration Policy of the CEOOppose
O.24Approve Remuneration Policy of the Vice-CEOOppose
O.25Approve the Aggregate Remuneration Granted in 2017 to Senior Management, Responsible Officers and Regulated Risk-TakersOppose
O.26Fix Maximum Variable Compensation Ratio for Executives and Risk TakersFor
O.27Authorize Repurchase of Up to 10 Percent of Issued Share CapitalOppose
E.28Amend Article 31 of Bylaws Re: Cancellation of Loyalty DividendFor
E.29Approve Issuance of Shares Reserved for Holders of Registered Shares up to Aggregate Nominal Amount of EUR 19.8 Million; Remove Paragraph 3 of Article 31 of BylawsFor
E.30Authorize Issuance of Equity or Equity-Linked Securities with Preemptive Rights up to Aggregate Nominal Amount of EUR 3.41 BillionFor
E.31Approve Issue of Shares for Private PlacementOppose
E.32Issue Shares for CashOppose
E.33Authorize Board to Increase Capital in the Event of Additional Demand Related to Delegation Submitted to Shareholder Vote Under Items 30-32, 34, 35, 38 and 39Oppose
E.34Authorise Capital Increase of up to 10 Percent of Issued Capital for Contributions in KindFor
E.35Approve Issue of Shares Deviating from Price Fixing ConditionsOppose
E.36Set Total Limit for Capital Increase to Result from All Issuance Requests at EUR 3.41 BillionFor
E.37Authorise Capitalization of Reserves for Bonus Issue or Increase in Par ValueFor
E.38Authorise Capital Issuances for Use in Employee Stock Purchase PlansOppose
E.39Authorize Capital Issuances for Use in Employee Stock Purchase Plans Reserved for International EmployeesOppose
E.40Authorize Decrease in Share Capital via Cancellation of Repurchased SharesFor
O.41Authorize Filing of Required Documents/Other FormalitiesFor