BNP PARIBAS 24/05/2018 AGM
O.1Approve Financial StatementsFor
O.2Approve Consolidated Financial Statements and Statutory ReportsFor
O.3Approve the DividendFor
O.4Approve Auditors' Special Report on Related-Party TransactionsFor
O.5Authorise Share RepurchaseOppose
O.6Appoint the auditors and alternate auditorsOppose
O.7Appoint the second auditors and alternate auditorsOppose
O.8Appoint the third auditors and alternate auditorsOppose
O.9Re-elect Pierre André de ChalendarOppose
O.10Re-elect Denis KesslerOppose
O.11Reelect Laurence ParisotOppose
O.12Approve Remuneration Policy applicable to the ChairmanFor
O.13Approve Remuneration Policy of CEO and Vice-CEOOppose
O.14Approve Compensation of Jean Lemierre, ChairmanFor
O.15Approve Compensation of Jean-Laurent Bonnafe, CEOOppose
O.16Approve Compensation of Philippe Bordenave, Vice-CEOOppose
O.17Approve the Overall Envelope of Compensation of Certain Senior Management, Responsible Officers and the Risk-takersOppose
O.18Fix Maximum Variable Compensation Ratio for Executives and Risk TakersFor
E.19Issue Shares with Pre-emption RightsFor
E.20Issue Shares for CashOppose
E.21Approve Issue of Shares for Contribution in KindFor
E.22Overall limit on authorisations of issuance with cancellation of the pre-emptive subscription right For
0.23Approve Authority to Increase Authorised Share CapitalFor
E.24Overall limit on authorisations of issuance with retention or cancellation of the pre-emptive subscription right For
E.25Approve Issue of Shares for Employee Saving PlanFor
E.26Authorise Cancellation of Treasury SharesFor
E.27Amend Article 14.5 and 16.7 of Bylaws Oppose
E.28Powers to carry out all legal formalities For