2Adoption of Annual Report 2017For
3Approve the DividendFor
4.aRe-elect Ole AndersenAbstain
4.bRe-elect Jørn P. JensenAbstain
4.cRe-elect Carol SergeantFor
4.dRe-elect Lars-Erik BrenøeFor
4.eRe-elect Rolv Erik RyssdalFor
4.fRe-elect Hilde TonneFor
4.gElect Jens Due OlsenFor
4.hElect Ingrid BondeFor
5 Re-appointment of Deloitte Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab as auditorAbstain
6.aAuthorise Cancellation of Treasury SharesFor
6.bIssue Shares with Pre-emption RightsFor
6.cIssue Shares for CashAbstain
6.dAmend Articles: Deletion of article 15.4: A director attaining the age of 70 must resign from the Board of Directors not later than at the next annual general meetingFor
6.eAmend Article 19.1For
7Authorise Share RepurchaseOppose
8Approve Remuneration PolicyAbstain
9The Board of Directors proposals for adjustments to the existing Remuneration PolicyFor