1Approve Consolidated and Standalone Financial StatementsFor
2Approve Non-Financial Information ReportFor
3Approve the DividendFor
4Discharge the BoardFor
5Authorise Cancellation of Treasury SharesFor
6Set the Number of Board DirectorsFor
7.1Elect Josep Pique Camps as DirectorFor
7.2Elect William Connelly as DirectorFor
7.3Reelect Jose Antonio Tazon Garcia as DirectorOppose
7.4Reelect Luis Maroto Camino as DirectorFor
7.5Reelect David Webster as DirectorOppose
7.6Reelect Guillermo de la Dehesa Romero as DirectorOppose
7.7Reelect Clara Furse as DirectorOppose
7.8Reelect Pierre-Henri Gourgeon as DirectorOppose
7.9Reelect Francesco Loredan as DirectorOppose
8Approve the Remuneration ReportOppose
9Approve Remuneration of Directors For
10Authorize Issuance of Convertible Bonds, Debentures, Warrants, and Other Debt Securities without Preemptive Rights up to EUR 5 BillionOppose
11Authorize Board to Ratify and Execute Approved ResolutionsFor