AMAZON.COM INC. 22/05/2019 AGM
1aElect Director Jeffrey P. BezosOppose
1bElect Director Rosalind G. BrewerFor
1cElect Director Jamie S. GorelickFor
1dElect Director Daniel P. HuttenlocherFor
1eElect Director Judith A. McGrathFor
1fElect Director Indra K. NooyiFor
1gElect Director Jonathan J. RubinsteinFor
1hElect Director Thomas O. RyderFor
1iElect Director Patricia Q. StonesiferFor
1jElect Director Wendell P. WeeksFor
2Appoint the AuditorsOppose
3Advisory Vote on Executive CompensationOppose
4Shareholder Resolution: Report on Management of Food WasteFor
5Shareholder Resolution: Right to Call Special MeetingsFor
6Shareholder Resolution: Prohibit Sales of Facial Recognition Technology to Government AgenciesFor
7Shareholder Resolution: Report on Impact of Government Use of Facial Recognition TechnologiesFor
8Shareholder Resolution: Report on Products Promoting Hate SpeechFor
9Shareholder Resolution: Introduce an Independent Chairman RuleFor
10Shareholder Resolution: Report on Sexual HarassmentFor
11Shareholder Resolution: Report on Climate ChangeFor
12Shareholder Resolution: Disclose a Board of Directors' Qualification MatrixOppose
13Shareholder Resolution: Report on Gender Pay GapFor
14Shareholder Resolution: Assess Feasibility of Including Sustainability as a Performance Measure for Senior Executive CompensationFor
15Shareholder Resolution: Provide Vote Counting to Exclude AbstentionsFor