A1.aReceive Special Board Report Re: Article 559 of the Companies CodeNon-Voting
A1.bReceive Special Auditor Report Re: Article 559 of the Companies CodeNon-Voting
A.1cAmend Article 4 Re: Corporate PurposeFor
B2Amend Article 23 Re: Requirements of the Chairperson of the BoardOppose
C3Receive Directors' ReportsNon-Voting
C4Receive Auditors' ReportsNon-Voting
C5Receive Consolidated Financial Statements and Statutory ReportsNon-Voting
C6Approve Financial Statements and Allocation of IncomeFor
C7Discharge the BoardFor
C8Discharge the AuditorsOppose
C9.aElect Xiaozhi LiuAbstain
C9.bElect Sabine ChalmersOppose
C9.cElect Cecilia SicupiraOppose
C9.dElect Claudio Garcia Oppose
C9.eElect Martin J. Barrington as ChairOppose
C9.fElect William F. GiffordOppose
C9.gElect Alejandro Santo Domingo DavilaOppose
C10Appoint the AuditorsFor
C11.aApprove the Remuneration ReportOppose
C11.bApprove Fees Payable to the Board of DirectorsOppose
C.11cNon-employee Director Stock PlanOppose
D12Authorize Implementation of Approved Resolutions and Filing of Required Documents/Formalities at Trade RegistryFor