EURONAV 09/05/2018 AGM
1Receive Directors' and Auditors' ReportsNon-Voting
2Approve the Remuneration ReportFor
3Approve Financial StatementsFor
4Approve Allocation of Income and Dividends of USD 0.12 per ShareFor
5.1Approve Discharge of Grace Reksten Skaugen, Anne-Helene Monsellato, Carl Steen, Patrick Rodgers, Daniel Bradshaw, William Thomson, Ludovic Saverys, and Alice Wingfield Digby as DirectorsAbstain
5.2Discharge the AuditorsOppose
6.1Reelect Carl Steen as DirectorFor
6.2Reelect Anne-Helene Monsellato as Independent DirectorFor
6.3Reelect Ludovic Saverys as DirectorFor
6.4Reelect William Thomson as DirectorFor
6.5Elect Steven D. Smith as Independent DirectorOppose
7Acknowledge Information on Appointment of Patricia Leleu as Permanent Representative for AuditorNon-Voting
8Approve Fees Payable to the Board of DirectorsFor
9Approve Auditors' RemunerationFor
10Approve Change-of-Control Clause Re: Long Term Incentive PlanOppose
11Transact Other BusinessNon-Voting