1a.Elect Director Michael L. CorbatOppose
1b.Elect Director Ellen M. CostelloFor
1c.Elect Director Barbara J. DesoerFor
1d.Elect Director John C. DuganFor
1e.Elect Director Duncan P. HennesFor
1f.Elect Director Peter B. HenryFor
1g.Elect Director S. Leslie IrelandFor
1h.Elect Director Lew W. (Jay) Jacobs, IVFor
1i.Elect Director Renee J. JamesAbstain
1j.Elect Director Eugene M. McQuadeFor
1k.Elect Director Gary M. ReinerFor
1l.Elect Director Diana L. TaylorFor
1m.Elect Director James S. TurleyAbstain
1n.Elect Director Deborah C. WrightFor
1o.Elect Director Ernesto Zedillo Ponce De LeonFor
2Appoint the Auditors: KPMG LLPOppose
3Advisory Vote on Executive CompensationOppose
4Approve New Omnibus PlanOppose
5Shareholder Resolution: Proxy AccessFor
6Shareholder Resolution: Adopt a Policy prohibiting the vesting of Equity-based awards for Senior Executives due to a voluntary resignation to enter Government ServiceFor
7Shareholder Resolution: Right to Call Special MeetingsFor