1Opening of the meetingNon-Voting
2Calling the meeting to orderNon-Voting
3Election of persons to confirm the minutes and to supervise the counting of votesNon-Voting
4Recording the legality of the meetingNon-Voting
5Recording the attendance at the meeting and adoption of the list of votesNon-Voting
6Presentation of the annual accountsNon-Voting
7Approve Financial StatementsAbstain
8Approve the DividendAbstain
9Discharge the BoardOppose
10Approve Fees Payable to the Board of DirectorsOppose
11Set the Number of Board DirectorsFor
12Election of the Members and Chairman of the BoardAbstain
13Allow the Board to Determine the Auditor's RemunerationFor
14Appoint the AuditorsOppose
15The Establishment Of A Permanent Nomination Board and Approve the Nomination Board's CharterFor
16Issue Convertible Debt for CashFor
17.aAuthorise Share Repurchase in the Securities Trading BusinessOppose
17.bReissue of Treasury Shares with Pre-emption Rights DisappliedFor
18.aAuthorise Share RepurchaseOppose
18.bIssue Shares for CashFor
19Maximum Ratio Between Fixed And Variable Component Of Total RemunerationFor
20Closing of the MeetingNon-Voting