POSCO 15/03/2019 AGM
1Approve Financial StatementsAbstain
2.1Amend Articles of incoporation introduction of electronic securities system.Abstain
2.2Amend Articles of incoporation appointment of external auditor.Abstain
2.3Amend Articles of incoporation abolition of qualification requirements for Company agents.Abstain
3.1Re-election of inside director Jang In HwaFor
3.2Re-election of inside director Jeon Jung SeonFor
3.3Election of inside director Gim Hak DongFor
3.4Election of inside director Jeong TakFor
4.1Re-election of outside director Gim Sin BaeFor
4.2Re-election of outside director Jeong Mun GiFor
4.3Re-election of outside director Bak Hi JaeFor
5Election of Audit Committee Member Jeong Mun GiFor
6Approval of remuneration for Directors.Abstain